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Enhancing Project Management for Network Rail Anglia Route

At Network Rail Anglia Route, the Works Delivery (WDA) faced significant challenges in managing three key areas of infrastructure projects: S&C Refurbishments, Wheel Timber Renewals, and Specialist Signalling Support. These projects, vital for maintaining the safety and efficiency of the rail network, required meticulous planning, coordination, and execution.


Challenges Faced

Despite being an accomplished delivery agent, WDA encountered common issues within the Project Lifecycle (PLL) during CP6, including late changes, delivery volume shortfalls, and cost increases. The lack of robust development, clear specification of works, and medium to long-term planning posed significant hurdles. In response to these challenges, WDA sought the expertise of Project Management support to drive improvements in these critical areas.

The Solution

Project Lifecycle Ltd (PLL) stepped in to provide specialised Project Managers embedded within the NR teams, offering comprehensive support across specification production, development, tendering, planning, assurance, risk management, and delivery. Tailored solutions were designed to address the unique requirements of each area:

  1. S&C Refurbishments: PLL developed a robust end-to-end programme for S&C refurbishments, managing the entire process from specification approval to handback. This included surveying, design, material procurement, long-term planning, tendering, and contract award, overseen by PLL Project Managers on behalf of WDA.

  2. Wheel Timber Renewals: Similar to S&C refurbishments, PLL devised comprehensive programmes for Wheel Timber renewal locations, ensuring meticulous specification approval, tendering, and contract award processes. Additionally, the 'DWWP' assurance was undertaken to ensure safe and successful delivery, providing confidence to the Route.

  3. Signalling Support: PLL introduced multi-disciplinary surveys for User-worked crossings, facilitating robust design production and sign-off. They also provided delivery support for the development of national solutions, integrating NRDD into WDA signalling teams for efficient CP7 delivery.


By implementing PLL's tailored solutions, WDA experienced significant improvements in project management efficiency and delivery. The end-to-end programmes developed for S&C refurbishments and Wheel Timber renewals ensured smoother processes from inception to handover, reducing delays and cost escalations. The integration of NRDD into WDA signalling teams streamlined internal delivery models, enhancing cost efficiency and project success rates.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Network Rail Anglia Route and PLL exemplifies the power of specialised project management support in overcoming complex infrastructure challenges, ultimately ensuring the safety, reliability, and sustainability of our rail networks.


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